Pendle Hill - Pendle Hill, Lancashire
The infamous Pendle Witch trials of 1612 have made Pendle Hill in Lancashire a world famous haunt

This overnight ghost hunt at Pendle Hill includes Coach Travel from hotel to our locations, sandwich and soup supper and optional hotel stay at 700 year old Manor House (Dunkenhalgh Hotel) £30 single supplement applies.

The infamous Pendle Witch trials of 1612 have made Pendle Hill in Lancashire a world famous haunt. An overnight ghost hunt on Pendle Hill should be considered carefully, as the intense, physical activity that we have experienced here has left many guests and team shaken and frightened.

The story of the Pendle Witches is well documented and has been the subject of many films, plays and documentaries, not to mention books written about these infamous witches.  The story of their demise is factually true, however, it is bigger than this in that it is thought that these witches still haunt their meeting places and work tirelessly to terrify anybody who tries to make contact with them.

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Pendle Hill

Your Ghost Hunt at Pendle Hill

This is a ghost hunt like no other as we follow in the footsteps of the Pendle Witches and attempt to make contact with those sent to their deaths for practicing witchcraft which includes carrying out a vigil on Pendle Hill itself at the meeting place which was the foundations of Malkin Tower, followed by a ghost hunt inside the most Haunted Hotel in Lancashire.  Ghost Hunts do not get any more terrifying than this so please remember you have been warned!

Your ghost hunt at Pendle Hill will take you on a journey of mystery, intrigue and a touch of terror as we walk in the footsteps of the infamous Pendle Witches. Starting at a haunted hotel in Blackburn, this will be our base for the night.  After our meet and greet we will make our way by coach to Clitheroe Castle where the story begins and take part in a calling out experiment inside the opening of the castle walls.  Simon Entwistle, expert Pendle Witch Historian, will be joining us to narrate the fascinating story of these infamous withces.  We will then be making our way to Pendle Hill itself where we will be carrying out experiments at the foundations of Malkin Tower which was documented to be the meeting place of the Pendle Witches.  Simon Entwistle will explain why these witches were so famous and help us to identify some of the activity we hope to experience.  These experiments will include table tipping, Ouija Boards, glass moving and vigils. 

This trip to Pendle Hill will take place regardless of weather conditions as it is simply an amazing opportunity to work in an area so connected to the Pendle Witches.  Please bring adequate clothing for this part of the night. 

We will then travel by coach back to the hotel and enjoy a midnight supper of soup and sandwiches before carrying out a ghost hunt inside the most haunted bedrooms.  The hotel has a sad and macabre history and is always keen to share its secrets with us on our ghost hunts here.

Ghosts of Pendle Hill

The Ghosts of Pendle Hill are nearly always connected to the Pendle Witches, however, there are occasions when we have picked up on the ghosts and spirits of others who have died on this daunting and barren hillside.  These include the ghosts of children, aircraftsmen who have landed here after having their airplanes bombed in the war, along with other unfortunate souls who have died on the hill.  We have also encountered those who have taken their own lives here which is particularly sad. 

Some of the ghostly activity we have experienced on Pendle Hill defies any sort of logic.  On one occasion whilst carrying out a Ouija Board experiment on Pendle Hill at the foundations of Malkin Tower, a tooth landed on the centre of the table.  This shocked everybody concerned and after having obviously checked to ensure that nobody in the group had lost a tooth, which was definitely human, it left us in a quandry as to how it got there.  The tooth was identifed as belonging to an adult of around 40 years of age and was in fact an old tooth.  This has only made us more determined to find out who or what is haunting Pendle Hill and working hard towards gaining more evidence on our ghost hunts here. 

History of Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is located in the east of Lancashire, England, near the towns of Burnley, Nelson, Colne, Clitheroe and Padiham. Its summit is 557 metres above mean sea level and it gives its name to the Borough of Pendle. It is also known as Penhul, and as well as The Pendle Witches, it is known for the Quaker Movement, with the original Quaker Village still in existence today. There is also a Bronze Age Burial Site at the summit of Pendle Hill which has recently been discovered. The name Pendle is and always will be synonymous with the Pendle Witches

The tale of the Pendle witches is a great example of well-documented allegation of witchcraft. Until today, the hill continues to be associated with witchcraft. Every Halloween, a large number of visitors climb up the hill wanting to experience the supernatural.

In the year 1612, there was said to be a family of local peasants which lived in a huge limestone tower. However, the family was no ordinary family. These peasants had enormous powers and they were reported to be in league with the devil. According to reports, the family made clay effigies made of teeth and human hair.

Local people died of various mysterious illnesses at that time. Others were said to have died in great pain. The milk in the area turned sour and cattle died mysteriously too. People were afraid to go up the hill. A local magistrate, Roger Norwell, had the courage to arrest two of the people living in the tower. They were brought to Lancaster for trial and two days later, the rest of the “witches” were arrested and taken to Lancaster for trial.

Pendle Hill, almost a mountain, hypnotic and very atmospheric. In the year 1612 there stood a huge limestone tower where a family of local peasants dwelt. But not just an ordinary family, these so called peasants had powers far beyond our reach. They were in league with the devil, they made clay effigies and used human hair and teeth to make these effigies.

Various local persons died of mysterious illnesses, some in great pain. Milk was turned blue, cattle died without a mark on their bodies and the locals feared venturing on to the hill. One man determined to make a name for himself was the local magistrate Roger Nowell. In great fear for his life he plucked up the courage to arrest two of the inhabitants of the stone tower known as Malkin tower. They were sent to Lancaster to be tried, two days later all the other witches met at the tower but within weeks all were taken to Lancaster for trial and certain death by hanging.

Haunted Happenings will take you from the viewing platform of Clitheroe's Norman Castle situated at the foot of Pendle hill to various haunted and historic locations related to the Pendle Witches. It is here where you will be told the ghostly history of horror, heroes and villains.Clitheroe has an atmosphere not too dissimilar to a Transylvanian town.

We then leave the town and make our way up on to the slopes of this infamous hill to our base room. We will be keeping together as a group as the mist and darkness descend around us. You may hear the crying sound of the wind in the bracken, a fox or an owl. You may even hear the footsteps of somebody not in our party.

Your Event Includes

  • Refreshments, such as teas and coffees and light snacks, such as biscuits and crisps included.
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF Meters, K2 Meters etc.
  • Experiments including glass divination, table tipping and Ouija Boards.
  • Workshop and separate vigils for returning guests.
  • Ghost hunting vigils and séances in small groups.
  • Includes 1 night of hotel accommodation

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Dunkenhalgh Hotel Blackburn Road Clayton-Le-moors Accrington Lancashire BB5 5JP

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Pendle Hill - Dates

Pendle Hill Witch Hunt with Overnight Hotel Stay, Pendle Hill - Saturday 20th August 2022

Pendle Hill Witch Hunt with Overnight Hotel Stay

Saturday 20th August 2022
Time: 8:00pm - 2:00am

Pendle Hill Witch Hunt with Overnight Hotel Stay

  • Saturday 20th August 2022
  • Time: 8:00pm - 2:00am
Pendle Hill Witch Hunt with Overnight Hotel Stay, Pendle Hill - Saturday 17th September 2022 £98.00 Per Person

Pendle Hill Witch Hunt with Overnight Hotel Stay

Saturday 17th September 2022
Time: 8:00pm - 2:00am

Last Few Places Available

Pendle Hill Witch Hunt with Overnight Hotel Stay

17 Sep
  • Saturday 17th September 2022
  • Time: 8:00pm - 2:00am
  • Last Few Places Available
  • £98.00 Per Person

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