WW2 Tunnels of New Brighton - New Brighton, Merseyside
Carryout vigils and experiments in an attempt to encounter the hauntings of New Brighton's Secret Tunnels

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The hidden WW2 tunnels that lie beneath the old Palace and Floral Pavilion in New Brighton, Merseyside have a haunting history of over 200 years. These secret tunnels are said to have been used by smugglers who were infamous on this stretch of the River Mersey. During WW2 the secret tunnels were converted into a munitions factory and air raid shelters.

In more recent times the hidden tunnels became a nightclub known locally as 'The Creep Inn'. The tunnels have been left abandoned and decaying for over 20 years

Join Haunted Happenings on an overnight ghost hunt in New Brighton, Merseyside as we carryout vigils and experiments in an attempt to encounter the hauntings of New Brighton's Secret Tunnels. 

WW2 Tunnels of New Brighton

The Ghosts of The Secret WW2 Tunnels of New Brighton

With such a long history, the tunnels beneath New Brighton Palace are said to be haunted by numerous ghosts.

The tunnels are known as the final resting place for the doomed passangers of the shipwrecked Pelican, with their lost souls still hidden inside.

A Grey Lady is know to roam the tunnels, making herself known to those who dare come close. Bangs are heard and objects are seen moving as an angry old smuggler searches for his missing loot, even the labourers of the tunnel's redevelopment did not escape the paranormal activity.

One joiner asked his companoin to pass him a hammer. Reaching his hand out without looking, the joiner felt the hammer placed into his hand. A few moments later, his fellow joiner appeared after a short break and had no recellection of the incident.     

The History of The Secret WW2 Tunnels of New Brighton

New Brighton Palace has an intriguing history, with these tunnels dating back over 200 years to when they were occupied by wreckers and smugglers. The tunnels have been redeveloped on the building of the New Brighton Palace. These hidden tunnels have been used during WW2 as a munitions factory and later becoming part of the Wirral nightlife as a nightclub called 'The Creep' Since then, the Victorian tunnels were abandoned for 20 years. They are now host to historic tours and events.

Between 1942 and 1944 during WW2, The New Brighton Palace Arcade was known as Depot 0616 and used by the US Army, emploting over 20 women, the cellars became an ammunition factory. It was alos a base for fire watchers, along with a communal air raid shelter, to which the large iron grille from one entrance is still visable from the back of the Palace on Virginia Road.   

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