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Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels

Absolutely brilliant night yet again at drakelow lockdown number 3 and it certainly did not disappoint. Fantastic group to ghost hunt with, lots of activity and another night to remember. Thanks again to the amazing team.

~ Sara-Jane C ~
Ghost Hunt at Charlton House

What a fantastic night, great activity and what a place to visit.

~ Thomas H ~
Ghost Hunt at Charlton House

Had the best night!! So much activity and a real good scare too. Can\'t wait to visit again!!

~ Carly L ~
Ghost Hunt at Charlton House

I had a fantastic night for my first event. I\'ve always been 50/50 but wanting to believe. I can honestly say after my experience in The Dutch Room and The Library will stay with me forever. All in all a fantastic night and we are booked up to come back later in the year. Thank you HH Team.

~ Mark L ~
Ghost Hunt at Charlton House

Our time in the attic was INSANE! Definitely made the night for us, we all left feeling very freaked out! The 2nd time we went up to the attic and the banisters shook immediately after we asked for that to happen blew our mind! And that is not even mentioning the basement where we had loud banging and knocking, so much so we ran out! Thanks guys.

~ Abbie S ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Asylum

I had a great night, thank you.

~ Una B ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Asylum

Really enjoyed myself. Lots of activity especially with the glass work. We had an 8 year old boy come through on the Ouija board which was so sad but at the same time amazing. All in all I was really impressed with the whole night. And if you are a non believer give this place a visit with the Haunted Happenings team.

~ Vicky S ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

OMG!!!! Started off the minute we walked in the door, sick / nervous feeling and constant touching of my hair all way through. In the execution chamber something grabbed my leg, groaning noises on the wings along with whistles and bangs every time I called out. It is the third event we have done with Haunted Happenings and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who has or has not done it before, give it a go you won not believe it unless you experience it your self. Thanks for another great night guys and you will definitely see us soon. Thanks again.

~ Louise E ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Had a great time last night, thank you very much. Definitely given me the ghost hunting bug.

~ Hannah C ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Thanks guys, really enjoyed my first foray into ghostly goings on, will be looking at checking out some other venues in the future!

~ Dan G ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Thanks to all the team, had a great night. Really was not sure how you would fill 6 hours, but it flew by. All new stuff to me. Will certainly attend another event at another location. Cheers!

~ Mike D ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Asylum

Thank you for last night! It was so awesome! And totally worth the travelling! Can not wait for our next one!

~ Amber S ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Asylum

Awesome night! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to go! Thanks for a top night guys!

~ Aimee M ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Asylum

Great evening, thank you!

~ Maria K ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Asylum

Had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed it and can not wait for the next one! Would highly recommend.

~ Dave S ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Asylum

What a fantastic night. I can not believe how much we experienced. We will definitely be coming back.

~ Victoria H ~
Ghost Hunt at Oxford Castle

Best night yet with Haunted Happenings, the table tilting in the crypt was amazing.

~ Carly J ~
Ghost Hunt at Oxford Castle

Very good night last night. Glass Divination was the best thing for our group. A little movement on Table Tipping. Some guests getting pushed and feeling sick in The Crypt was interesting. Well done HH team, you ran the event really well.

~ Ian S ~
Ghost Hunt at 30 East Drive

It was great... We had a fab night!!!

~ Susan R ~
Ghost Hunt at 30 East Drive

Thanks for a great night!

~ Rosalind C ~

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