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Ghost Hunt at The Old Victorian Gaol

What an absolutely incredible night, from the go things were happening.
We had amazing movement of the Ouija board, followed by table tipping, the table literally did not want to stay still. Another incredible part was the glass divination the glass was non stop moving in circles, diagonally angry spirits were around. At one part we asked them to make noises and we heard things in the corners. There is so much more I could say. It really was an amazing night, can not wait to do the next one. Which is not too long! Thank you so much to the whole team. You all did a fantastic job. See you again soon.

~ Sara-Jane C ~
Ghost Hunt at The Old Victorian Gaol

Thank you for a VERY emotional night.. As always we weren\'t disappointed with activity as it was pretty much everywhere we went, but receiving a personal message in the cells just made my night.. Thanks guys see you again soon.

~ Dawn H ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Such a great night thanks guys. Thank you Haunted Happenings.

~ Robert G ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Best night of my life!! Crazy experience!

~ Rob R ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Thank you haunted happenings. Amazing crazy night, can not wait to go again!

~ Jim R ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Brilliant night, crazy, but brilliant, the table tipping is amazing. Hope to see you all again soon.

~ Paul P ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

That\'s the best I\'ve been on so far!

~ Scott G ~
Ghost Hunt At The Robin Hood Legacy

A great evening with lots of activity, can\'t wait for the next adventure!

~ Abigail S ~
Ghost Hunt At The Robin Hood Legacy

Brilliant night, plenty of activity and had a right laugh with some lovely people. Thanks to the hosts, you made it a fab experience.

~ Kate O ~
Wentworth Woodhouse Ghost Hunt

Off to Newsham Park in 4 weeks,we will definately be coming back to Wentworth in the near future

~ Rob T ~
Wentworth Woodhouse Ghost Hunt

Great Night Really Enjoyed It thanks to the other half of our group great people had a reet laugh.......Loved the lone vigil hair raisng stuff defo shiver down the spine.......100% fancy another one! Thanks staff team you where great!

~ James T ~
Colchester Castle Ghost Hunt

It was my first ever ghost hunt and I thoroughly enjoyed it I will be back

~ Claire A ~
Colchester Castle Ghost Hunt

Had a great night and like always meet some lovely people I totally recommend a visit thanks HH

~ Paul F ~
Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt

Had a great time. Would definitely do it again

~ Melanie S ~
Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt

Great night with a few spooky moments. Cells were particularly uncomfortable at times. As usual the table tipping was amazing. Thanks everyone for a good scary night

~ Margaret W ~
Ghost Hunt at The Rifles Museum

Fantastic night, thank you. Some thought provoking happenings and information. Loved the table tipping.

~ Sarah I ~
Ghost hunt at Steelhouse Lane

Really enjoyed the experience and had some great things happening. The ouiji board stood out for me picked up on names. The table tipping was great knocking my torch off a few times. I cant wait for the next one! Thank you to all of the staff you were fantastic.

~ Michelle W ~
Ghost Hunt at The Spirit House

Excellent night with a great group of people, everyone giving 100% and a big thank you to the team for looking after us and having a laugh at the same time.

~ Mike D ~
Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Asylum

Yet another fab night with Haunted Happenings at Newsham Park. This building never ceases to amaze me, well done guys and see you all end august at east drive.

~ Sue D ~
Ghost Hunt at Shepton Mallet Prison

Absolutely fantastic night!! We will definitely be booking again.

~ Leigh A ~

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