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Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn

Very professional and honest with no faking. Great location and superb hosts. I will be booking again very soon!

~ Chris B ~
Ripon Workhouse Ghost Hunt

We had an absolutely amazing night. The team were fantastic hosts!

~ Amber B ~
Ghost Hunt at Guys Cliffe House

Best night ever! 

~ Courtney D ~
Ghost Hunt at Guys Cliffe House

We had a fantastic night with lovely people. We hope to be back soon!

~ Sue B ~
Sinister Sunday Ghost Hunt at 30 East Drive with Optional Sleepover

We had a fantastic night! Very well organised and the team were great. Amazing to see the torch being turned on and off by itself and we had a marble move from the stool onto the floor at the bottom of the stairs too! We will definitely be back for another visit. 

~ Hannah B ~
Middleton Hall Ghost Hunt

We had an excellent event at Middleton Hall. Your team were really friendly and informative. Great night!

~ Marie B ~
Ghost Hunt at The Skirrid Inn

We recently went to a great evening at The Skirrid Inn and we experienced some amazing activity. We are really looking forward to another great evening soon!

~ Joanne ~
Dover Castle Ghost Hunt

A great night!!

~ Satine S ~
Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunt and Supper

Fantastic night. Thank you to the Haunted Happenings team. We hope to see you at another venue soon.

~ Jacquie S ~
Dover Castle Ghost Hunt

Thank you so much for an amazing evening!

~ Sarah P ~
Pendle Witch Weekend

The weekend was amazing from start to finish and what a fantastic group to spend it with. Thank you so much to everyone who made it a weekend to remember!

~ Sara J ~
Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunt and Supper

A brilliant night in a great building. Very active night with fantastic energy!

~ Karen M ~
The Nunnery Ghost Hunt

A great night, thank you!

~ Stella G ~
The Nunnery Ghost Hunt

Thank you for a fantastic night! We cannot wait for the next one at the end of April.

~ Sarah T ~
Sinister Sunday 30 East Drive Ghost Hunt with Optional Sleepover

A brilliant night and it was lovely meeting everyone. Also Thank you to the hosts who made it a night to remember. We are looking forward to our next location with you soon!

~ Rachael S ~
Sinister Sunday Four Crosses Ghost Hunt

A fabulous event thank you! Special thanks to the wonderful hosts for the evening.

~ Shell H ~
Ashwell Prison Ghost Hunt

A great night! We heard a scream during one of the vigils and we had really good interactions from the spirits on the spirit boxes. Cannot wait to see you again next weekend. 

~ Suzanne P ~
Ghost Hunt At The House That Cries

I had a great night, one of the best I have been on! Thank you! I am really looking forward to going to Warwick Castle in August. 

~ Wayne D ~
Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn

We recently attended The Ancient Ram Inn and my friends enjoyed the night so much, they would really like to go back with Haunted Happenings. My friend was really quiet ill after entering The Bishop’s room, which is understandable given the history. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon and thankyou!

~ Ceinwen N ~
Four Crosses Ghost Hunt with Optional Sleepover

I had a great night at The Four Crosses! A big thank you to the Haunted Happenings team!

~ Craig J ~

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