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Ghost Hunt at Shrewsbury Prison

We attended Shrewsbury Prison and it was our fist time with your company and we were not disappointed! The team were all very friendly, easy to talk to and made you feel at ease. We were so pleased with the night, we were looking at another night with you on the journey home! Thank you again for a memorable night. We cannot wait to see you again soon!


~ Ellie J ~
Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage Ghost Hunt

I went to Newsham Park on ghost hunt and it was my 1st time attending a ghost hunt. I really enjoyed every minute of my experience would recommend to everyone. The tipping tables was wow! Coming back up the stairs from laundrette there was a doll at top of the stairs! We do not know how the it got there?!
Your team looked after us totally professionally from start to finish.

~ Martyn H ~
Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn

We finally got to experience The Ancient Ram Inn and it did not disappoint! From the moment we got there our hosts were excellent, very knowledgeable and helpful. The whole night was excellent, our experiences were brilliant and we would definitely go again.

This is the second event we have attended with Haunted Happenings and we have just booked our third at Newsham.
Excellent work, keep it up.

~ Marc S ~
Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage Ghost Hunt

I visited Newsham Park Asylum and what an experience it was! Staff are lovely, very informative and really encourage you to get stuck in. The building is incredible and very spooky, and we experienced a lot more ghost activity than I expected. I was tapped on the leg and head on several occasions, and in the locker room we used a ouija board and spoke to a woman who told us her locker was 67, we couldn’t find it and when asking where is was there was a huge bang on the locker door. Table tipping in naughty boys corridor was really good too. Overall an amazing experience and we can’t wait to go back.

~ Jess S ~
Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt

This place was amazing, My favourite Ghost Hunt yet with you guys!

~ Vikki K ~
Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn

We had a great night at The Ancient Ram Inn. Much better than I expected. The last hour in the barn was very interesting. Thank you!

~ Marc S ~
Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn

Brilliant night at The Ancient Ram Inn last night. We have been waiting to go for ages and it did not disappoint. The team were brilliant and we hope to go again soon.

~ Jill C ~
Gloucester Prison Ghost Hunt

Thank you to the team for a great evening at Gloucester Prison. The team were very friendly and informative and ensured everybody was comfortable at this dark foreboding building. Nothing was rushed or influenced. I've already booked my next Haunted Happening event and will be booking many more!

~ Chris B ~
Shepton Mallet Prison Ghost Hunt

Really enjoyed the evening as always. The team were welcoming, friendly and very informative about the location. Looking forward to the next evening as always!

~ Clare K ~
Shepton Mallet Prison Ghost Hunt

Thank you very much for a great evening at Shepton Mallet Prison. We had some great interaction on various devices, especially the ouija board in cell 8 on B wing. Already looking forward to our next ghost hunt.

~ David J ~
Ghost Hunt At The House That Cries

We visited Graisley Old Hall in Wolverhampton (The House That Cries) and we had amazing night with lots of activity. There were a mixture of vigils and lone time where we could conduct our own investigations. The vigils brought on a lot of activity where we connected to a number of spirits. The group were also fantastic and I feel that due to the positve energy and enthusiasm, increased the activity we had.
The team were so friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We would definitely recommend and would love to book another visit in the future.
Thank you for an amazing night.

~ Sam T ~
Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage Ghost Hunt

We went on a ghost hunt at Newsham Park Hospital with Haunted Happenings and would totally recommend.
The team were very friendly, answered all our questions and put us at ease from the start. It was quiet a large group but at no point did we feel ignored or alone.
The team were well kitted out with all the equipment you would expect to try on an event like this, they explained how to use everything and were always on hand nearby if we needed anything.
We experienced some strange things around the building. The spirit box with headphones in the naughty boys corridor was phenomenal and something! We are already looking for out next event and we can not wait.

~ Mrs H ~
Newsham Park Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage Ghost Hunt

We had a great time with the Haunted Happenings at Newsham Park Hospital.

The team were efficient and friendly, making sure everyone understood what was going on and more than happy to answer all questions, whether it was about the building, the equipment, their experiences or just paranormal activity in general.
We are already looking to book another one of Haunted Happenings events.

~ Peter B ~
Bishton Hall Ghost Hunt

Fantastic night leading into the small hours at Bishton Hall! All of your team were absolutely fantastic and packed the night with vigil after vigil. Spooky and suitably chilling. 100% would recommend!

~ Sj C ~
Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt

The team were really friendly and they didn’t try to influence the night or try to rush through vigils. We will be returning to Haunted Happenings again!

~ Jackie W ~
Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn

We went to the Ancient Ram Inn. The team were very friendly. We have never been to a ghost hunt where they are so informative about what we were doing and when.
The Ancient Ram Inn itself is amazing. We had K2 readings and Rem Pod readings on our personal equipment as well as the teams equipment. Table tipping in one of the rooms was really active and amazing to see happen. It does get cold in there so wrap up warm if you go in winter time. We would definitely go again!

~ Hippy S ~
Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn

We had a fabulous time at the Ancient Ram Inn. My husband even caught something strange on camera. The night was well structured and nothing was faked - which I thought there was the possibility of with this being my first ghost hunt. The whole night was absolutely brilliant and we have already booked our next one!

~ Princess P ~
The Nunnery Ghost Hunt

This place is a must! We went last week and the table tipping was amazing. The whole place has a superb atmosphere.

~ Chris B ~
Colchester Castle Ghost Hunt

The team were lovely and we had a truly amazing experience.

~ Amy C ~
The Nunnery Ghost Hunt

Just wanted to say what an amazing experience we had at The Nunnery. Super fantastic team! Have been on a few events with your team and last night was some amazing activity!

~ Marf ~

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