Tour of the Damned - Mosborough, Derbyshire
This is an action packed ghost hunting weekend

This Weekend Tour of The Damned is an action packed ghost hunting weekend bringing to life the plight of those who died in the Plague. The Tour of The Damned will not only be exciting and thought provoking but also terrifying and testing. 

Your weekend includes 2 nights Bed, Breakfast and 3 Course Evening Meal  in the luxurious but extremely haunted Mosborough Hall, two nights of ghost hunting and a coach tour of Eyam Plague Village. Night one of ghost hunting is at Bolsover Castle where countless bodies of plague victims are thought to be buried beneath the castle grounds.  Night two will be at Mosborough Hall itself which is steeped in medieval history and a truly barbaric past. This Tour also includes a daytime coach trip on the Saturday to the Plague Village of Eyam in Derbyshire where we will be given a guided tour of the village itself. 

This amazing value for money weekend is the start of a whole new ghost hunting adventure for those who love to embark on the unknown. The plague was a serious epidemic wiping out millions of people throughout its spread, actually killing nearly half of the European population. The Village of Eyam had more than its fair share of plague victims compared to other areas and is steeped in a dark and unforgiving history. Bolsover Castle is related to this in that so many bodies are buried beneath its foundations.

Tour of the Damned

Your Weekend Ghost Tour of The Damned

Haunted tours will take you on a journey that follows the devastation and harrowing locations left in the wake of the Black Death, whilst staying in a haunted hotel set within the beautiful Derbyshire and South Yorkshire countryside.

We embark on two nights of investigation at the notoriously haunted medieval Bolsover Castle and Mosborough Hall. With a history of hauntings at both locations dating back hundreds of years.  With so many ghostly experiences we are sure this weekend will be one that terrifies and amazes even the bravest amongst you.

Your weekend begins on Friday as you check into Mosborough Hall Hotel, set within the picturesque village of Mosborough, originally a 12th century manor house with a very sinister and interesting medieval history relating to Henry VIII.

You will be greeted by the Haunted Tours team before retiring to the Old Medieval Hall for a delicious three course supper.

We will then make our way by car to the magnificent Bolsover Castle. This is a rare opportunity to investigate one of Britain’s most famous castles. We have the privilege of access to almost all of the castle including: the Great Hall, underground servant’s quarters, riding school, kitchens, bedrooms and royal quarters. In small groups we will make our way through Bolsover Castle and its grounds where the ancient Plague pits lie.

You will attempt to capture evidence of the ghosts and spirits that reside here, using the latest ghost hunting equipment alongside traditional methods including: table tipping, glass divination and Ouija board. Working as a group we will carry out vigils in the most active areas.

Previous ghost hunts at Bolsover Castle have left us in no doubt as to its scary and gruesome past.

Back at Mosborough Hall you will awake to breakfast, before heading by coach to the fascinating village of Eyam, famously known as the Plague Village. Surrounded by quaint little cottages, it’s hard to grasp that this picturesque place could have such a tragic story to tell. In 1665 the Plague arrived in Eyam and by 1666 it had claimed the lives of over 260 men, women and children. We will have a guided tour of the village with an insight into its past before a light lunch at the 17th century Miners Arms. You will have time to explore the village and its places of interest before we return to Mosborough Hall for some relaxation time before yet another three course supper in the Old Hall.

We are greatly looking forward to having the opportunity, after supper, to investigate Mosborough Hall and Hallows lane, if the weather allows, where numerous ghostly encounters have been witnessed. We will have access to the Lord Darcy suite, one of the hall’s most haunted bedrooms where the White Lady of Mosborough Hall is said to reside, following her brutal murder in that room in the 1600’s. Just walking into the dark oak panelled room with its four poster bed and original fireplace sends chills through the spine of even the most experienced ghost hunter.

On Sunday morning you will once again enjoy a delicious breakfast before heading home.

Ghosts of Bolsover Castle, Mosborough Hall and Eyam Plague Village

Ghosts of Bolsover Castle

The Ghosts and spirits that have been encountered at Bolsover Castle leave little doubt that this location is truly haunted. With visitors to the Castle seeing apparitions during the day and staff relaying stories of when they have had doors slammed on them and their ankles touched on so many occasions, it is hard to ignore that there is something going on.  Balls of white light are seen frequently and a young boy is said to grasp the hands of women as they walk through the garden. Bolsover Castle also has its own Grey Lady which is frequently seen walking through the grounds.  There is the sound of crying in the parapets and the screams of a woman heard frequently by so many.  In fact some of what has been happening here is so real to those that experience it that they believe they have absolutely encountered the after-life. Disembodied voices and ghostly footsteps following on the stairs of those who walk up them are also often heard.

Out in the grounds themselves there are apparitions caught on camera over the burial mounds of plague pits.

Could these be the unfortunate souls buried beneath?

The ghosts here are plentiful and willing to show themselves according to those who visit regularly and of course those that work here on a daily basis.  We are really looking forward to seeing who or what we encounter on our overnight ghost hunt at Bolsover Castle.

Ghosts of Mosborough Hall

Mosborough Hall has a history of hauntings with tales of spirit encounters dating back as far as the 1600's

Accounts of the white lady of Mosborourgh hall are said to have originated from the murder of a governess at the hall in the 1600’s. She had found herself pregnant by the squire, who had promised her monies and a cottage, financially not able to fulfil his promise the governess threatened the squire that she would tell his wife, an argument followed and in a moment of desperation he slit her is told she kept a large dog and that it pined to death at the side of her body.

At the turn of the 20th century Dr Pilcher was the local doctor, a no nonsense man who had heard the tails of Mosborough Hall. In a bid to prove there must be a logical explaination for the hauntings he agreed to spend the night, the following morning he was awoke by a knock at the door by staff bringing tea. They both turned to see the bed was stained with human blood which glistened and dripped onto the polished floor boards. After his experience Dr Pilcher resigned from his position of medical officer and vowed never to set foot inside again. The blood stains remained soaked into the floor boards and no amount of scrubbing would remove them. Only in mosborough’s conversion to a hotel were the stains finally removed by replacement of the floor boards.

Tails of a ghostly dog have been witnessed passing through the walls, the touch of unseen hands, a beautiful lady dressed from head to foot in grey with her dress seen to fill the width of the French windows she is seen at. On Hallows road numerous encounters have been seen and the angry voices of the unseen echo in the night.

These stories just scratch the surface of the experiences witnessed over the years. Who will we encounter on our night with the spirits of Mosborough Hall.

Ghosts of Eyam Plague Village

In 1665 a tailor from Eyam ordered a bale of cloth from London to make up into clothes for the villagers, unwittingly triggering a chain of events that led to 260 Eyam villagers dying from bubonic plague – more than double the mortality rate suffered by the citizens of London in the Great Plague.

Between the first death and the last, the villagers set an extraordinary and enduring example of self-sacrifice by sealing off the village from the surrounding areas to prevent the disease spreading.

Less than a century later, Ralph Wain, working in a factory in the village, invented a revolutionary new way of reproducing designs in silk. Together with the miners, spinners, weavers, other skilled craftsmen and women, poets, and writers – he contributed to the rebirth of the village after the plague. The ghosts and spirits that have not only been seen but heard by so many still put fear into those who pass through Eyam Plague Village.  We will even be having lunch in The Miners Arms, which is said to be extremely haunted.  There is also a sense of desolation at the site where the plague victims spent their last days, isolated from the rest of the villagers who had become so afraid of catching this deathly disease.  Many, many sightings have taken place here. 

What Your Weekend Includes

As we have said, this is an action-packed weekend of ghost hunting with the added coach tour of the Eyam Plague Village.

Your weekend includes:

2 nights Bed, Breakfast and 3 Course Evening Meal at Mosborough Hall Hotel

Overnight ghost hunt at Bolsover Castle with tea and coffee on arrival back to the hotel

Overnight ghost hunt at Mosborough Hall

Coach Travel to Eyam Village and back to Mosborough Hall Hotel

Guided Tour of Eyam Village and light lunch.

Full use of ghost hunting equipment throughout the weekend.

Your Event Includes

  • Supper included, please check your booking for information.
  • Refreshments, such as teas and coffees and light snacks, such as biscuits and crisps included.
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF Meters, K2 Meters etc.
  • Experiments including glass divination, table tipping and Ouija Boards.
  • Workshop and separate vigils for returning guests.
  • Ghost hunting vigils and séances in small groups.

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Tour of the Damned - Dates

Tour Of The Damned, Mosborough - Friday 19th August 2022 £259.00 Per Person

Tour Of The Damned

Friday 19th August 2022
Time: 7:30pm Friday - 11:00am Sunday

Last Few Places Available

Tour Of The Damned

19 Aug
  • Friday 19th August 2022
  • Time: 7:30pm Friday - 11:00am Sunday
  • Last Few Places Available
  • £259.00 Per Person
Tour Of The Damned, Mosborough - Friday 21st October 2022 £259.00 Per Person

Tour Of The Damned

Friday 21st October 2022
Time: 7:30pm Friday - 11:00am Sunday

Last Few Places Available

Tour Of The Damned

21 Oct
  • Friday 21st October 2022
  • Time: 7:30pm Friday - 11:00am Sunday
  • Last Few Places Available
  • £259.00 Per Person

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